Cooking for 3… or 2.5

Our little guy has decided that it is time to start feeding himself.  Right now we are only working on supper but this new stage is an interesting one for me.

I love to cook…. like REALLY love to cook.

Prior to mommy-hood one of my favorite things was to open up a nice bottle of wine in the evening and put together a delicious and healthy meal for myself and my husband.  We both enjoy trying new things so it would become quite the adventure for me…. made even more adventurous by the wine consumed while cooking 😉

Now that we have become 3 cooking has taken on a totally different sort of adventure.  The sort that includes lots of monitoring for safety (For some reason the open dishwasher and hot oven are baby magnets), toning down the spices (we are currently having him try everything, so far he really dislikes sage), and the occasionally jar of baby food when I can’t seem to produce a meal fast  enough to please the littlest critic in the house.  The days of baking my own bread to go with that crock pot soup have been temporarily put on hold until our little guy becomes slightly more safety conscious.  Right now baking chicken breast with a little spice is a pretty big deal.

Over the last few weeks Liam has been resisting feeding at supper time, though he is still fine with me controlling the spoon at breakfast and lunch for some reason.  So to avoid dinners that consist solely of puffs I have started to steam his own vegetables for him.  His first meal was carrots and spinach… which he thought was pretty awesome (and made for some pretty interesting poop the next day).  Tonight we are trying zucchini.  It turns out my son has my appetite and appreciation for food.  He barely made a mess 🙂



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