The Best Laid Plans

This last weekend was the first full weekend I have had off since returning to work last July. One of the ways the hubs and I were able to make it work without paying for daycare was for me to work every weekend, and to work second shift. Basically we took advantage of the super flexible schedules that nursing allows you to have. I am pretty sure my boss weeped in joy when I called up and volunteered to work every weekend when I returned from maternity leave.

So needless to say I was extremely excited to have an ENTIRE weekend off to spend with the hubs and get a ton of stuff done around the house that we just can’t seem to get too when flying solo with an infant.  You know, fun stuff, like cleaning the basement… This is what my life has come too.

I should have know it was too good to be true. The first bump in the road happened with a snowstorm on Thursday that kept the hubs from being able to get to an account, so he was going to have to work on Sunday. It was ok though… we still had Saturday, right?!?  Always look on the bright side of life?

So Saturday was going to be our day; we were going to get stuff done around the house dammit!  We were taking back the man cave from toy over flow.  I was finally going to have someone to help me hang up the pictures from Liam’s newborn photo shoot…. and I was going to write my final paper of the semester on top of all that.

Saturday started off great.  Liam and I went out to breakfast with a friend, he was a little fussy which is unusual for our incredibly good natured child, but nothing crazy.  We went home, I took a nap and got the first floor of the house cleaned while Da and Liam hung out.  It was a great start to the day.  Then right before his afternoon nap our little guy spiked a fever.  Nothing crazy, and if I were at work I would have said “that’s not a real fever, let me know when it goes over 100.5”, he was in the upper 99’s.  So we tossed him a dose of baby Tylenol and put him down for a nap.  What woke up from that nap was a disaster.  The runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea bug had hit our little guy full force, and he was not having it.  I haven’t changed this many diapers since he was a newborn and his cousin was 4 months old… you know, when it seemed like my only job in life was to change diaper after diaper.

Two days later and we are starting to get back to semi-normal.  The fever is finally gone, and things have lightened up slightly in the diaper changing department, but Sunday was the real challenge.

Sunday was fevers of well over 100, Tylenol every 5 hours, and a baby who was just a disaster.  He hated being rocked or walked.  The only thing that would make him happy was marching around the house and singing or cuddling on the couch and watching TV, so that’s what we did all day.  Thank you HGTV for helping us to get through it.  So in order to help keep my sanity I did a short photo shoot.  This range of emotions is from a less than 2 minute time range.  Poor kiddo.

We made it through.  My mom stopped by, braved the bug, and brought me dinner (Thank You Mom!).  The dogs marched with us.

This is how the whole house felt at the end of the day.

Exhausted Fen


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