Shopping With Two, moving on up to the two seater cart

Although Liam is (currently) an only child the hubs and I are very lucky to have family close by that had children a few months before us. One of those little girls hangs out with Liam during the week. My SIL and I do a child care swap. We both work full time jobs as nurses. So on my days off during the week I get to hang out with Liam and his cousin, The Bean. She is a pretty awesome little girl, and being just 5 months older than Liam, provides a pretty good playmate for him. They speak their own language to each other, and are absolutely adorable when they hug… Not so much when they beat on each other.

Running errands has been a bit of a challenge, but certainly not impossible. Especially since by the time Liam came around The Bean was able to sit up in a cart. They are both cuddly children so I have been wearing one and pushing the other during that golden two hour period between lunch and nap time that is my only chance to get out of the house for the day.

So yesterday I pulled into Target with the kiddos all bundled up in the car (it was a cold rainy spring day here yesterday) and I saw the two seater cart parked in the carriage return area. Now I know the warning on that cart says from ages 2-6, but my back was achey and I figured the kids are sturdy enough to handle it so I buckled then in and we were off.

My first stop was Starbucks. I finally had free hands and a spot for a delicious caffeinated beverage where the kids couldn’t reach. This automatically made it the best day ever. Then we ran into a coworker. I haven’t been exceptionally good about bringing the babies in to visit over the winter so it’s been a while since everyone from work has seen Liam… He has certainly changed over the last few months. Then we were off.

Overall the whole shopping experience was great! The kids were pretty well behaved for the first half of the store. It was easy to distract them for the last half… and momma got to drink an amazingly delicious caramel macchiato. As an added bonus they were super cute in the cart together.


Not that they aren’t super cute all the time anyway 🙂

I think we have a new and improved shopping solution…. Until we decide to have another one 🙂

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