Three Things Thursday

One of my favorite blogs, Nerd In The Brain, does this every Thursday and I absolutely love the idea.  It is sort of the lines of 100 days of Happy that people are doing on Pintrest.

In a nutshell 3 things Thursday is a small collection of photographs of things that you are grateful for.  Not the obvious things… like the hubs. kids, and pups… but the little things.  The frosting of life.

Here are my 3 things for this Thursday


This picture is not just about coffee, which I am more than grateful for… Some could say dependent. This is about the mug. I have two I these mugs that my mom bought for me. They are my favorites. Not only do they hold 12 ounces of liquid gold, but they are also sturdy and thick. The perfect cup to drink out of… And as an added bonus they make me think of my mom, who is pretty awesome.


This owl. My husband thinks it’s ridiculous. I think he actually rolled his eyes when I brought it home. It’s my favorite knick-knack… Who doesn’t need an owl with a snail on its head in their house?


Yes bottles…. While I am grateful or the Doc Brown bottles and how well they work I am most grateful for the fact that my husband cleaned them! Cleaning bottles has become the least favorite chore in our house since Liam’s arrival.


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