Silly Reader

After a busy morning of breakfast, wrestling Liam into clothes, and some play time Liam decided he wanted some alone time to play by himself. This is my favorite part of every morning… It’s Momma’s coffee time 🙂

So today we were upstairs in his bedroom when Liam ditched me for his books. After (not so) carefully removing (almost all of) them from his bookshelf he then crawled away without reading one. Intrigued, I set up my camera and set to inconspicuously stalking him (poor kid).

Liam left the books behind and toddled over to his dresser, after opening it up and throwing all of his socks on the floor (I think he hates a clean room) he pulls out the instructions to the humidifier which were tucked in the back of the dresser. He then proceed to head over to soft carpet and then “read” them out loud to me.


At least one of us reads instructions.

And now for a bonus picture from playtime earlier 🙂


Someone has been very chatty today!

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