Baked Chicken Fillets

Chicken, chicken, chicken.
We eat a lot of it in our house. Shredded chicken is a staple ingredient in a lot of the dishes I cook up as is often use it as a leaner substitute for hamburger in things like spaghetti and tacos (my favorite meals). There are definitely times when I look at that package of chicken an have absolutely no clue what to do with it. Those times when I feel like I have been stuck in a cooking rut and need to find a way out of it. I have been on quite the spaghetti, taco, and chicken salad kick these days and felt the need to switch it up a bit. So for this meal I threw a bunch of ingredients into a pan and what came out was pretty tasty… not only toddler approved by both my little taste testers, but also husband approved.

This creation was made using:
Approx 1lb package of chicken fillets
Monterey chicken seasoning
Coconut oil

Really… It was that simple. Rinse the chicken breast and place them into a casserole dish that has a cover. Lightly dust with adobo, pepper, and the Monterey seasoning (to taste) and then in the center of each fillet place 1 tbsp (approx) of coconut oil. Cover and bake at 350 for 45 minutes (longer if they are thick fillets or breasts)

I decided to keep it simple for the sides and went with steamed carrots and mashed potatoes. My husband declared this chicken perfectly cooked. It was tender and easy to cut/shred for the little ones.


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