Liam’s Gardening Update

Liam and I have been working on a potted plant on the back deck this spring because I think it’s never to early to start playing with kids in the garden. It started by planting some ranunculus bulbs in late April, and was filled in today with some bacopa by my little helper and I.  Part of our morning ritual is to go out and check on the pot to see if it needs watering.  I am really looking forward to enjoying some flowers on the deck this summer…

If it ever warms up!







  1. That is so great! We don’t have access to an outdoor space that’s kid friendly yet (the garden is a death-trap) and I know Baby is missing out on a ton of learning opportunities. Plus he’s “helping” which they’re so into at this age!


    1. I am really loving this “helping” stage 🙂 Sure, everything takes twice as long, but he is learning, stuff is getting done around the house, and I figure its best to relish the “help” while I can because when he gets older I am sure he will not be as willing 🙂


      1. Exactly! My little guy is really into the swiffer, mop and broom – basically anything that involves pushing across the floor. I’ve been frantically looking for child-size versions so I can really put him to work!


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