Liam’s Gardening Update, Part 3

My little fish loves water. He loves playing it it, soaking in it, and he especially loves watering the plants with it. He has started to join me in watering all of the plants in the house now, which has become a weekly project for us. Everything is turning into a watering can in his mind… Including his sippy cups.

So one thing I did not think ahead with when I set up Liam’s first experiment in gardening on the back deck is that his splash tub and water table also go on the back deck. This, coupled with Liam’s extreme enthusiasm for watering things has created a sad situation for the plants on the back deck. They are slowly drowning.

Because the pot I used is far too heavy to lift up and move elsewhere I am resigning myself to the fact that the ranunculus may not bloom (or survive) this year. The bright side is that Liam is falling in love with gardening… Perhaps next year will bear more fruitful results!

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