Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot, 2015

I don’t think it is a great secret that I love to take photographs.  Though I am certainly not a professional there have been a few tips and tricks I have found help me take quality photographs of the terrible two-some that will provide a lifetime of memories for our family.  At this point in their lives it is always easier to have someone with me to distract them from wanting to “do it” themselves.  This allows me a little distraction to really focus in on the shots.  For the Valentine’s Day photo shoot Aunty Moonshine and I got the kiddos all dolled up and set up a black velvet background on the couch that the felt hearts I picked up to stuck to without any problem (friction!).  We did the first half of the shoot indoors and then took the kids outside for a quick walk in the snow because it was such a nice day out.  I am seriously loving the results!



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