Cardboard Boxes (Recycled Fun)

As we draw closer and closer to the arrival of Catriona we have been busy setting up her bedroom, which has included ordering some new furniture.  The great thing about new furniture ordered online is that it typically comes in HUGE boxes.  These boxes have provided the whole family with several weekends of entertainment.

The first box to be recycled was the box that the armless chair for Catriona’s room came in.  This box was large enough to comfortably fit 4 toddlers in so Conan and I got busy with some scissors and knives and made a “Clubhouse” for Liam one Saturday while he was napping.  Conan even got extra creative and mounted a battery powered light fixture inside it with some packing tape and a cardboard scrap.  Liam loves his clubhouse… especially since he can color it!

By the time we were finished creating Liam had a mail slot in the door, a door handle, and windows everywhere.  So far this box clubhouse has survived Liam and The Bean jumping all over it, knocking it over, climbing out the windows, and taking naps together inside it for several weeks.  Today is the first day I am going to have to reinforce some areas, but overall it is surviving  the terrible twosome quite well.

The next weekend recycled box project also recycled some of Liam’s old artwork.  For some reason he insists on only coloring on one side of a piece of paper most of the time, so last weekend we spent a couple of hours making a large cardboard box into a train he could sit in and pretend to drive with some scissors, packing tape, an empty toilet paper roll, old construction paper that was only colored on one side, and a ton of glue.  Both Liam and I were pretty pleased with the results.  He now refers to it as “my train, Liam’s train Momma”… you know, just in case I get it into my head that it might belong to me 😉

We have several other large boxes waiting for a creative idea or two… who knows what next weekend will bring.

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