33 Weeks+, A Catriona Update

33 Weeks pregnant…  once upon a time our original goal was to make it to 28 weeks… we have now surpassed this by several weeks and look to go for several weeks more.  That alone calls for a celebration.  Tomorrow we are officially 34 weeks which means we can deliver at our local hospital instead of across the state!

I continue to be home from work due to the migraine and heart issues.  For fun my body has decided over the last two weeks that it not only enjoys high blood pressure, but also enjoys orthostatic hypotension… complete with episodes of passing out.  Thankfully, because I have been laying low due to the pain of the migraines I have not experienced any injury related to these episodes, but that does not make them any less scary and has prevented me from driving as they are often without warning.  I have also been experiencing motion sickness, something I have never had the pleasure of experiencing before in my life.  I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.  Needless to say all of this has been keeping me in the house and thanks to the side effects of the medication I have been taking it has also been keeping me sleeping for most of these last few weeks.  I can safely say that I have had more sleep this last month than I have had in the last few years since the birth of my son.  Staying hydrated has been the biggest challenge with all this sleeping.

Catriona is low… very low, and the contractions are frequent if I am up and about but not consistent, so still Braxton Hicks (though sometimes they can take my breathe away).  She is measuring small, but remains healthy which we are incredibly thankful

These last two days have been pretty good for me with minimal headaches and nausea.  I have managed to pack the hospital bag and Liam got a doll to practice taking care of.  He named her Catriona and then immediately gave her a checkup.  Thankfully we can now say his doll is up to date on her shots 😉



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