1. Hello! This may be random but I was researching amnion-Chiron separation ( or not fused) by the second and third trimester and found your blog. I couldn’t really find much else that was recent or made sense to me. Did your pregnancy end up being pretty normal? Did you have to go to high risk and see them often ? Did you have a lot of ultra sounds through out your pregnancy because of this? Sorry so many questions I had my 20 week ultra sound yesterday and the tech didn’t really give me much to work with. Other then come back next week to see if it’s any more fused. Thank you much if this gets to you and you have a few minutes to reply I would greatly appreciate it with any info you have to give. Thank you much.


    1. Hi there! There really isn’t a lot out there about amnion chorion separation. I ended up having two extra ultrasounds until a late fusion occurred at 28 weeks for me. The remainder of my pregnancy was pretty normal after that until the last few weeks other than some unrelated BP issues. The last two weeks I ended up having extra ultrasounds and non stress tests because of decreased movement and low fluid levels. It was hypothesized that this was a result of the late fusion. My membrane sac became tough and did not provide a lot of room for the baby to grow which is why the fluid levels were low the last few weeks. She kept growing just fine, but there wasn’t enough room for her and the fluid. They tried to induce me at 38 weeks, but it didn’t work (which was pure torture). I ended up going into labor naturally after a weekend off of inductions but did not rupture naturally. The doctor had a difficult time rupturing the membranes for me when I hit 10cm -1 station and said my membranes were almost leathery. My little girl arrived perfectly healthy at 39 weeks via a vaginal delivery.
      My late fusion was the only one they had ever seen in this area so it is not that common, thus the lack of literature. It seems that most of the non-fusions do turn into late fusions by 28-30 weeks, so please try not to worry too much (which is next to impossible, I know) and I wish you luck and good health to you and your baby!


      1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to contact me back. I am so glad everything worked out well for you and your healthy little girl. She is adorable! Thanks again!


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