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Cardboard Boxes (Recycled Fun)

As we draw closer and closer to the arrival of Catriona we have been busy setting up her bedroom, which has included ordering some new furniture.  The great thing about new furniture ordered online is that it typically comes in HUGE boxes.  These boxes have provided the whole family with several weekends of entertainment.

The first box to be recycled was the box that the armless chair for Catriona’s room came in.  This box was large enough to comfortably fit 4 toddlers in so Conan and I got busy with some scissors and knives and made a “Clubhouse” for Liam one Saturday while he was napping.  Conan even got extra creative and mounted a battery powered light fixture inside it with some packing tape and a cardboard scrap.  Liam loves his clubhouse… especially since he can color it!

By the time we were finished creating Liam had a mail slot in the door, a door handle, and windows everywhere.  So far this box clubhouse has survived Liam and The Bean jumping all over it, knocking it over, climbing out the windows, and taking naps together inside it for several weeks.  Today is the first day I am going to have to reinforce some areas, but overall it is surviving  the terrible twosome quite well.

The next weekend recycled box project also recycled some of Liam’s old artwork.  For some reason he insists on only coloring on one side of a piece of paper most of the time, so last weekend we spent a couple of hours making a large cardboard box into a train he could sit in and pretend to drive with some scissors, packing tape, an empty toilet paper roll, old construction paper that was only colored on one side, and a ton of glue.  Both Liam and I were pretty pleased with the results.  He now refers to it as “my train, Liam’s train Momma”… you know, just in case I get it into my head that it might belong to me ūüėČ

We have several other large boxes waiting for a creative idea or two… who knows what next weekend will bring.

Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot, 2015

I don’t think it is a great secret that I love to take photographs.¬† Though I am certainly not a professional there have been a few tips and tricks¬†I have found help me take quality photographs of the terrible two-some that will provide a lifetime of memories for our family. ¬†At this point in their lives it is always easier to have someone with me to distract them from wanting to “do it” themselves. ¬†This allows me a little distraction to really focus in on the shots. ¬†For the Valentine’s Day photo shoot Aunty Moonshine and I got the kiddos all dolled up and set up a black velvet background on the couch that the felt hearts I picked up to stuck to without any problem (friction!). ¬†We did the first half of the shoot indoors and then took the kids outside for a quick walk in the snow because it was such a nice day out. ¬†I am seriously loving the results!



27 weeks and counting!

We have hit the 27 week mark and celebrated the last week of the second trimester with a big appointment at the OB office, complete with a follow-up ultrasound. ¬†I have spent the last week in frequent contact with my OB office and on frequent bed rest due to a headache that wouldn’t go away, blurred vision, and high blood pressures. ¬†All of these are unfortunately signs of preeclampsia. ¬†Preeclampsia is a dangerous condition that can affect 5-8% of pregnancies, but that typically starts later in the third trimester¬†(Preeclampsia Foundation). ¬†For me to be having signs of this condition this early into the pregnancy was scary to say the least. ¬†Thankfully my blood pressure has been staying down with bed rest. ¬†Unfortunately Tylenol has not been effective for the headaches or blurred vision for me and I stopped taking it after a few days due to the ineffectiveness and some right upper quadrant abdominal pain (which can indicate liver problems). ¬† ¬†So I ventured into this appointment with my Mom at my side (my husband was unable to take the day off of work) with a bit of trepidation.

First up was the ultrasound. ¬†Catriona is a bit of a mover and a shaker so it created a challenge for picture-taking, but everything look great. ¬†The fluid levels were good, the placenta is healthy, her head is down and she is ready to roll and the best news of all is that the membranes fused! ¬†Although there are still some (slight) risks for early delivery that go along with a late fusion we are now talking a week or two early as opposed to months early which technically means we have an excellent chance for a full term (after 37 weeks) healthy and happy baby. ¬†Now lets just hope that she doesn’t come on Liam’s birthday! ¬†Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers for the last few months that we would get our miracle, they certainly helped to get us through this stressful time. ¬†We feel so lucky to have this great news to share and to see how healthy our little girl is now that my body has decided to behave properly!

Next up was the visit with the nurse midwife and the OB.  It was a tag team visit due to the high blood pressures today, that ended up with a trip to the hospital.  While we have an excellent health care system up here in the Northeast, and some of the best prenatal care in the country, it is still very concerning to have more than a week of high blood pressures and headaches, so it was off to the hospital for me to test for preeclampsia ( a set of tests that includes a urine collection, liver function panel, creatinine, and CBC), and calling out of work for at least the next week until my next OB visit.  The midwife and OB were hopeful that the headaches, blurred vision, and high blood pressures (because they were not critically high and were only pre-hypertensive) could be due to a migraine headache caused by increased estrogen levels rather than preeclampsia because it was so early in the pregnancy.  After a couple of hours in the hospital, and a couple of blood draws we had our second round of good news for the day, no preeclampsia!  I am now on migraine medication and monitoring side effects, but my blood pressure is almost back to normal and right now I am pain free for the first time in 8 days (though a bit foggy and tired from the medication).



For me the best part of the day was being able to make it home in time to tuck my little guy into bed.  He loved seeing the new pictures of his sister and was so happy to get some extra Momma snuggles tonight!

Conan and I are thrilled with the news, and are very hopeful that after the next week life will get back to as close to normal as we can!  Thank you again to everyone for the thoughts and prayers!  Lets hope the remainder of the pregnancy is now stress free!


*****Preeclampsia is a pretty scary and potentially life threatening condition that affects 5-8% of pregnancies in the United States and accounts for approximately 18% of maternal deaths in this country.  To educate yourself more on this condition please visit which provides excellent resources in learning the signs and symptoms of preeclampsia.  Also keep in mind that while giving birth does solve the problems caused by preeclampsia for your infant it does not always solve the problems caused by it for mothers.  Be aware and educate yourself on the potential post birth problems that can occur for mothers who experience this condition.*****

Preeclampsia Foundation. (n.d.). Preeclampsia Foundation. Retrieved February 19, 2015, from Preeclampsia Fact Sheet :


24 Weeks and Counting, an update

Well, it has been a rough couple of weeks for me. ¬†As it turns out, I am REALLY bad about taking it easy without constantly giving myself reminders. ¬†My husband has become a professional at telling me not to do things I am not supposed to do, and reminding me to stop and take breaks. ¬†I have become crabby, which is not a usual thing for me and I don’t like it. ¬†The kids, well, they have really taken to the encouraged independence. ¬†Liam and The Bean now put themselves to bed at nap and bedtime. ¬†I am trying to not miss the snuggles I use to steal when carrying them upstairs too much.

For Catriona things are going well, or at least as good as we can hope for!  We had a very positive checkup at 23 weeks where she measured exactly on target (which is amazing for a little girl who is most likely going to be tiny!) and her heart rate was a lovely 145.  Her kick counts have been perfect.  The only concerning thing that has come up recently have been frequent Braxton Hicks contractions.  Thankfully they are not following any pattern at this point and have only been over the 6 an hour allowed at this stage of pregnancy a handful of times.  At the 23 week appointment they found an infection so I am hopeful that after a week of antibiotics things will calm down in the contraction department.  Our next ultrasound is at 27 weeks and I am still hoping for a miracle!  At this point, however, I am simply thankful to have made it this far.

At 23-24 weeks babies begin making a substance¬†called surfactant. ¬†This is used by the body to help stabilize the alveoli in the lungs (The alveoli help oxygen get from the air to the bloodstream, but in order to do this they need to be nice and plump like a grape, surfactants help keep them from collapsing when you exhale). ¬†With the production of surfactant comes the chance for survival with pre-term births, so if something were to happen tonight Catriona would have a fighting chance, especially with the awesome hospitals in this area. ¬†24 weeks was a big milestone for us. ¬†I celebrated with a braided chicken pot pie bread with¬†Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for dessert ūüôā

On a personal note, because I am carrying so low this time (thanks to the less than stable environment my body created for Catriona) life is becoming uncomfortable. ¬†There are definitely times where it already feels like the last (everlasting) month of pregnancy. ¬†clothing is also becoming uncomfortable. ¬†Maternity pants with the cloth panel fall off of me because my belly isn’t quite large enough for them, but the ones with the low band are too tight for me to wear and do essential things like breathe, or not walk like a penguin. ¬†My go to pants of choice for this pregnancy are becoming yoga pants. ¬†I could sing a song for how much I love them lately. ¬†I see a lot of dresses coming up in my future as well. ¬†The plus side? My maternity scrubs are the most comfortable articles of clothing ever (even if one pocket does oddly fall right on the center of my expanding stomach).

Congratulations, It’s a Girl, but wait…. (Learning about Amnion-Chorion Separation)

I have been absent from the world of blogging for a few months.  Some of it is just simply from a lack of time due to the holidays and work becoming busier than ever.  The last few weeks have been purposeful though as I have been (and continue to at this time) sorting through the emotions that have ensued since our 19 week ultrasound.

That is right, we had an ultrasound that showed number two is officially a little girl! ¬†Liam is going to have a little sister to torture ūüôā

The day of the ultrasound my husband, Liam, and I met my parents at the doctor’s office. ¬†My parents stayed long enough to hear that they were going to have a granddaughter, and then headed back out to the waiting room play area while the little girl continued her second photo shoot (we had a dating ultrasound at 9 weeks). ¬†She was being quite active at that point in time and I figured that was causing things to take longer than they had with Liam. ¬†Now I suspect something different. ¬†As the sonographer finished up she made one quick comment about the membranes not being fused and then handed us our pictures and showed us to our room for the checkup I had scheduled after the ultrasound. ¬†There we waited…. and waited….. and kept ourselves busy looking over the pictures and discussing what we thought life would be like with a little girl…. and waited some more. ¬†I suggested that maybe an emergency had occurred and that is why they were running late. ¬†I never suspected that the reason they were running late was the quick comment at the end of the ultrasound, though it had apparently crossed my husbands mind as he asked what it meant, to which I replied that I had no clue, membranes not fusing was not something I could recall being discussed in nursing school.

Thirty minutes later our nurse midwife walked into the room apologizing for being late.  The reason, she explained was because she had to make a phone call to the high risk pregnancy specialist in the area regarding the ultrasound.  Inside the uterus there are two membranes, the amnion and chorion, that typically fuse by week 17, mine have not at week 19.  It is extremely rare for this to happen. So rare that no one (including the high risk specialist) have ever seen it. Unfortunately with rarity and lack of study comes a lack of answers. My nurse practitioner was unable to provide me with much to go on other than to:

1. Not stress out about it too much.
2. Take it as easy as I could
3. Prepare for a follow-up ultrasound at 27 or 28 weeks and then frequent trips to the high risk specialist after that.

Being the person that I am I (of course) could not tolerate the lack of answers as to what exactly the prognosis was for my daughter and myself, and so I have spent the last few weeks scouring medical journals searching for answers. I consider myself to be fairly adept at research having spent over a decade fine tuning my research skills while obtaining various college degrees. For the first time ever my searches were leading to mostly dead ends. After several weeks I found a grand total of one research study that focused on this condition in a medical journal. One single study to supply me with a prognosis and potential recommendations.

The prognosis itself isn’t great, though it could certainly be worse ¬†If our little girl can make it through the next few weeks thing¬†will¬†look a little brighter, but it seems the major danger with the membranes not fusing is that they can get tangled around the umbilical cord cutting off the babies oxygen supply. ¬†The lifting restriction and directions to stop and rest every couple of hours when at work are so very important for me to follow, and are constantly on my mind. ¬†Drinking enough water to keep my fluid levels up is also extremely important. ¬†I breathe a sigh of relief every time she kicks. ¬†After 28 weeks the trips to the high risk specialist will be to make sure she is still living in an environment where she can thrive and grow. ¬†There is a risk of IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction) which can result in developmental delays, and she will almost certainly be a smaller baby. ¬†It seems that¬†every person that has been through this (the handful I could find across the country) has been¬†put on bed rest or modified bed rest by 35 weeks…. so I am mentally preparing myself for that as well.

My husband and I are focused on staying positive. ¬†At the same time we are preparing a room and sorting clothes for a baby who might not make it home. ¬†I am keeping myself as busy as I can to continue to help distract myself from the reality of the situation while trying to enjoy every single moment I have with our little girl. ¬†She is already a feisty little one who kicks much harder than her brother did at 23 weeks, especially when her puppy brothers start barking! ¬†We have decided to name her Catriona Dawn…. Liam can’t quite get that out, but calls her “Ona” for short and frequently gives her “kisses” through Momma’s belly. ¬†Catriona is already loved immensely and we truly hope that with precautions and my general state of healthfulness (otherwise) we will beat the 50/50 odds and enjoy a happy healthy little girl.

Without further ado…. the star of the show ūüôā


19 weeks, posing at her second official photoshoot

19 weeks, posing at her second official photo shoot


And a picture of the bump at 20 weeks ūüôā


20 weeks, halfway there!

Are you interested in learning more about Amnion-Chorion separation?  The most helpful website that I was able to find with recommendations was from a San Diego practitioner and can be found here.

Do you enjoy reading research papers as much as I do?  You too can enjoy the only research I was able to find on the subject here.  You will note that I did not mention the increased chance for Trisomy 21 during my discussion.  I do not feel that the risk is all that much higher than it would have been without the amnion chorion separation as our scan was normal and the other testing we have had done has not (yet) come back abnormal.  Keep in mind that I am not an expert in this field, the area of medicine that I practice in is geriatrics.

It seems that diagnosis of Amnion-Chorion separation is increasing thanks to improvements in ultrasound technology, hopefully the odds for successful outcomes will increase with the increase in diagnosis. ¬†My hope for the future for women who receive this diagnosis is that the recommendations for Mom during the pregnancy can be fine tuned and more concrete ūüôā


15 months later…

I can’t believe how the time has flown, Liam is 15 months already! It has been so exciting to watch him play, grow, and learn these last few months. Everything happens so fast at this point, it’s like a neural explosion. Over the last 3 months Liam has:

  • Gone from stumbling to run-stumbling
  • Learned to say over 25 words, although he mostly refers to animals by the sounds they make, except our youngest dog, Bruise, who he calls Rooze.
  • Learned how to walk backwards and spin in a circle
  • Begun helping Conan and I with simple tasks (carrying light things mostly)

His favorite things right now are:

  • Reading… By himself, to the bear, to Conan and I… This little boy loves to be the one reading the story.
  • His big white bear, “Baby”… When Liam was born Conan’s company sent us a present, a giant white polar bear which I never named because I figured it would be too big to drag around. Liam has proven me wrong and he has named it “Baby”. The other stuffed animals are babies too, but there is only one Baby and he goes everywhere with Liam.
  • Yogurt, cereal bars, and berries
  • Going to the park
  • The tub, this little guy loves his baths (and his bath toys)

He has had a lot of adventures over the last three months, including:

  • His first sleepovers with Grammy and Grampy F.
  • His second annual Flynnstock with Conan
  • His first trip to the beach!

While I have tried (desperately sometimes) to be there for every single event it just hasn’t been possible and sometimes Conan and Liam are a two man team while I am at home with the puppy brothers doing homework or at work. ¬†We do our best with the time we have and try to make every moment count.

Today the three of us went out to lunch to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants and then to the park for some quality time (and to exhaust¬†Liam¬†before his nap). ¬†It was suppose to rain all day today so it was a pleasant surprise to be able to get out and about. ¬†My park plan however backfired as it was not just Liam that needed the nap when we got home ūüėČ

And now a parting message from Liam himself and a few more of my favorite pictures from the last few months….

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I can’t wait to see what the next three months brings!

Who Needs Diapers?

So today, after I woke up from a lovely sleep in (this a huge shout out to my awesomely understanding husband who totally gets the fact that sometimes I don’t get home from work until 3am, and if I can sleep I will) I had just enough time to turn on the Keurig before Liam woke up from his morning nap and started playing with his dolls in his crib. ¬†He sounded like he was in an awesome mood so I headed right up to get him so we could have some fun. ¬†That is when I walked into a naked butt in the air as he was working on standing up.

That is right… a NAKED BUTT!

My jaw may have literally dropped. ¬†Casually tossed over the edge of the crib was his diaper… he decided the shirt could stay on.

Because Liam is only 14 months old there was no hope in the universe that he did not pee all over the bed. ¬†So I gingerly reached a hand down and did the touch test… yes, it was wet. ¬†Awesome.

As my dreams of packing up the family for a trip to York’s Wild Animal Kingdom flew out the window and visions of endless loads of laundry jumped into my head I picked up my kiddo at arms length, brought him into his bathroom, placed him into the tub and proceeded to break one of the two cardinal child bathing rules that have been drilled into my head since I was a young girl who was slightly obsessed with The Babysitter’s Club, I turned on the water while he was in the tub. ¬†No, I did not burn my child, but his bubble bath might have been a little colder than usual. ¬†Honestly, he didn’t seem to mind.

Conan very nicely brought me a cup of coffee while I was supervising the tub time. ¬†He can be totally credited with saving my sanity with that one small act. ¬†(yes, yes, I know, I have a caffeine “problem”)

Does anyone else have any diaper removal stories?  Are there any hints or tricks to getting the little guy to not keep doing it?  He was so very impressed with himself when I found him, and although I did not make a big deal out of it (to him anyway) I have a feeling that my stubborn little one will keep up the trick now that he has figured it out.

Day 38

Day 38 of the selfie challenge
Today was a two toddler Monday, where I have both kids prior to going into work. Part of me feels slightly guilty about how happy I am to get to work after spending the morning with the two little balls of energy.
Seriously. The amount of energy those two have just makes me feel tired… And old.

I tried taking today’s selfie 3 times and it kept coming out blurry so I decided maybe it is just a blurry day ūüôā

Three Things Thursday, 7/3/14

Three Things Thursday is an exercise in gratitude that began over on¬†Nerd In The Brain, another awesome blog. ¬†Every Thursday I highlight three things from the week that I am grateful and/or made me happy. ¬†It is a highlight of those little extra things in life that you don’t always have time to stop and enjoy. ¬†A celebration of life’s gravy. ¬†Feel free to steal this idea for yourself as well ūüôā

This week I am thankful for:

Creative dress wearing. The Bean is at that stage where she wants to dress herself and has definite opinions. With this dress (that actually has sleeves and a floral print) she was insistent that it is actually meant to be worn inside out and as a sleeveless dress ūüôā I can’t wait until she is a teenager. (File that under word I will probably regret)


This one is a double thankful! 1st up is having a friend that will pose in front of signs with you after a few drinks on the town simply because their dress matches the sign. 2nd with this picture is the holiday weekend!!! I actually have it off, having a holiday weekend off as a nurse is kind of a big deal. Do I have the actual 4th off, no… And I am not upset about that, I have the weekend of and fireworks are scheduled for the 5th here so I can spend my evening consoling the terrified dogs and catching a bit of the show over the rooftops across the street. (Liam could care less about the noise)

20140703-111122-40282634.jpg 20140703-111127-40287855.jpg

Last up is getting to spend some time with some of my family that I don’t usually get to see because of distance. Liam is in love with my youngest brother, and he had so much fun with his cousins. We really enjoyed the time we got to spend with Liam’s Grammy, Aunty, uncle, cousins, and great grandparents!

Somersworth Children’s Festival

So I am a little behind in keeping up with the blog.. I blame the awesomely hot weather (and my subsequent desire to spend my life in the splash pool with the toddlers).

I also am prepping to head back to school in a big way next week after taking the spring semester off (it was so nice!).¬† I have a year left of classes, and a year left of an internship before I can take my administrator boards, so it is all serious all the time starting next week.¬† It really is a shame I can’t (safely) bring the laptop into the splash pool with me.¬† That would be some amazing multitasking.

This group of pictures is from the annual International Children’s Festival in Somersworth NH that we went to with a pretty big group of the family a few weeks ago.¬†¬† It was an absolute blast and if you are in the seacoast NH region on the 3rd Saturday in June you should definitely make plans to bring your family!¬† The activities there were definitely geared to the 10 an under crowd, but even the 1 year olds had a blast dancing and hanging out with the animals at the miniature petting zoo.¬† As a parent the events on the various stages kept me entertained as well, and it was so much fun to see the kids enjoying themselves.¬† I think this is going to be a yearly trip for us.

Want more information about the festival?  Visit the website for the Somersworth Festival Association.

And without further adieu… pictures!


First stop for us was the Wildlife Encounters area.  There were animals and a mini petting zoo for the kids.. a hit with all of them.  The folks over at wildlife encounters were super busy, but also super nice.  they do Birthday Parties in the area and my sister-in-law who works at a local day care center said that their visits to the daycare are always a kid/parent favorite.  Personally I loved the staffing ratio they had, despite all of the kids that were milling around they were able to keep everything well organized, the animals not overcrowded, and everyone happy and safe.

After the animals we had some fun on the playground, drawing pictures in the shade, and then cooled off with the splash pool that was set up before taking a long walk down to the second site of the festival (note* there was a trolley that we did not know about that would have taken us down minus the hike… good to know for next year!)

Next up for us was a nice cold drink and snack time while we watched a Jamaican band and then the TaeKwon Do demo put on by Mr. B’s school. ¬†The older kids were fascinated, the toddlers wanted to risk life and limb to run out among all the kicking and punching people. ¬†Apparently it looked like fun!

The second site had all the normal fair like activities, including rides, face painting, games, fair food and balloon animals.  There also was a pretty cool craft fair inside the school and a tented area that highlighted the cultural trends of different nationalities.

This is where Liam passed out (literally, while walking), so Conan and I trudged back to the car and went to go pick up pizza while everyone else got to enjoy a lovely trolley ride and some more fun!