Haircuts, Bed-Head, and 11 month cruising


11 months into Liam’s journey and we are watching with amazement as our little guy absorbs and attempts to replicate everything happening around him.
About halfway through the ten month mark I brought Liam in for his first real haircut, not just a bang trim this time. He does surprising well with the whole haircutting process, and looks like a little grown up with the cut. I kind of miss his bangs, and think I am going to let them grow in again. It turns out that Liam also inherited quite a few cowlicks (he really didn’t stand a chance with those between the hubs and I). The bed head with the new do is supplying me with endless hours of amusement. I now look forward to nap time for a completely different reason 🙂


Our super busy little guy is now cruising, and has actually attempted a few steps! He REALLY wants to keep up with his cousins desperately!


The hubs and I have been super busy working on some spring projects on the home front, so the blog continues to take a bit of a back seat for a while longer… but I will leave you with this little piece of adorable-ness from this morning.

Because it’s much more awesome to sit in your toys and play 🙂