Poor Baby Bruise

Our youngest 4 legged baby, The Bruise, has a bit of an anxiety problem, especially during thunderstorms or the (frequent) fireworks displays our neighbors like to put on in the summer.

So my studies ended tonight with a panicked pup huddling on my lap. My poor little buddy is a better weather man than the actual weather man is and was able to predict for me the change in weather just in time for me to get all 3 pups (with a lot of coaxing for Bruise) out for one last potty trip before the sky’s opened up. And now we cuddle… Sort of… With teeth hanging out and all.

Fenway isn’t sure what the big deal is… It’s just thunder and rain, not a ball.

Day 37

Day 37 of the selfie challenge: 365 Days of Momma

It’s Sunday! AND! I have the day off!!!!

That’s right, its my weekend off… I firmly believe that having to work every other weekend makes me that much more appreciative of the ones I have off.

This morning Liam took off after breakfast, grabbed a book and his teddy bear, and then proceeded to set himself up on the couch next to me to “study” with me.  That’s right, I used the “s” word.  Someone though it would be a brilliant idea to take a full course load in the summer during the most gorgeous weather of the year because the semester is shorter and it would be nice to just get the work done with.  The same someone is now incredibly worried that maybe, just maybe, she might not be able to keep up.  I don’t know who comes up with these brilliant ideas but they probably should have less of them.

So the adorableness ensued this morning and Liam and I studied together for about 10 minutes before my urge to snap a picture completely overcame me.  Of course as soon as I picked up the camera phone he had to climb into my lap to get it…. The result is this:

Today’s selfie is less of me and more of us, but it is an awesome memory that I want to hold on to…. especially with the puppy photo-bomb in the second shot!


I do promise an update soon on my personal progress towards self acceptance of myself in photographs.  This project has turned into more than I originally planned.  What started out as something that was just for me has also evolved into a mechanism to show Liam my memories from his early childhood.



Day 34 and 35

Days 34 and 35 of the selfie challenge

Yes, I know, I didn’t post yesterday… It wasn’t for lack of trying. More importantly, I did take my selfie, so today you get a double post along with an update on the exciting and terrifying things that are going on in my life.

Yesterday’s selfie was taken at work on my lunch break. It was a busy day yesterday before work for Liam and I, as we ran around doing last minute errands before he got to spend an afternoon with Grammy and Grampy. My summer semester classes start this weekend (I really love online courses, they really are exceptionally convenient if you have the motivation to actually learn from them) and this last year of college (which I STILL can’t believe is actually starting!) is going to be a busy one as I will need to complete my internship for my nursing home administration license while continuing to work full time and hang out with the babies. Maybe busy is putting it mildly….


Today I put the finishing touches on my internship request letter. I keep having mini panic attacks now, which I suspect won’t subside until I actually hand it to the nursing home administrator where I work. I would greatly appreciate any positive thoughts, finger crossing, and/or praying to who ever you believe in that I will get this internship that I so desperately want! This administrator is (in my opinion) the best there is, and I would love to learn from her.

Liam is off for an overnight visit with Grammy and Grampy F, as well as a couple of aunts and cousins. I am sure he will have a blast. Hopefully Aunty and Uncle Moonshine survive the car ride. Conan gets a fun night of household chores and puppies having panic attacks due to fireworks while I get school and work… I know, the Fourth of July excitement is overwhelming in our house. I have the weekend off!!! So the posts will (hopefully) get a little more fun filled tomorrow after Liam gets home!

And now a bonus puppy picture.

Someone is getting his rest in now… Panic attacks due to loud noises are exhausting, even with daddy cuddles to keep you safe.

Day 32

Day 32 of the selfie challenge

It is hot.
Thank god for the AC.
Now if only I could convince the dogs and kids that I am not a chair.

20140701-175528-64528761.jpg 20140701-175632-64592849.jpg 20140701-175649-64609912.jpg

Yes, I really couldn’t bring myself to put on much more than running shorts and a tank top today.

Day 10

Day 10 of the selfie challenge: 365 Days of Momma

Today started out slow, with nap times all around for Liam, the puppies, and I immediately after breakfast.


Then Aunty Moonshine and I headed out for a 1920’s photo shoot with Laura at Linden Photography. We had a blast doing our Beautiful Me session! There was a ton of laughter and just general awesomeness from all of the ladies there. The hair and makeup were amazing, and Laura’s photography was, as always, top notch. I love a photographer who gives direction and can’t wait to see the finished product!

Now for the long ride home 🙂


Three Things Thursday, 6/5/2014

Three Things Thursday is an exercise in gratitude that began over on Nerd In The Brain, another awesome blog.  Every Thursday I highlight three things from the week that I am grateful and/or made me happy.  It is a highlight of those little extra things in life that you don’t always have time to stop and enjoy.  A celebration of life’s gravy.  Feel free to steal this idea for yourself as well 🙂 This week I am thankful for….   Grandparents.

Grammy and Grampy F, and Grammy and Grampy D who live close by have been lifesavers this week which turned out to be exceptionally busy.  From driving across the state to watch Liam while I worked this weekend and the hubs was out of town to taking Liam so the hubs and I could go out for a last minute business dinner with an out of town engineer the grandparents that are nearby have been lifesavers this week. Liam is also lucky enough to have another set of grandparents that live in Florida and give us an excuse to go on vacation in the winter (as well as sending cool mail, but these are things to be thankful of for a different day)

Next up is this AWESOME Bumkin insulated food tote:

photo 1 (1)


Every month Liam gets a package of toys and stuff from a company that had also given us a gift card for his birthday… on a whim (because even the shipping was free for this item) we picked out this… the tote that I didn’t even know I needed.  It’s insulated, the food is out of the diaper bag so no longer is getting squished AND there is enough room for Momma to put a snack in for herself too.  Plus it has alligators on it.  It doesn’t get any cooler than that, unless of course you are a stuffed Boston Terrier wearing hot pink shades and a cool hat… that might win.

Last up for the week is…

photo 3 (1)

This blanket.  Well, not really the blanket… its just a nice, warm blanket that is perfect for puppies to cuddle into on the couch.  It is the way the blanket cam to be in our living room that I am thankful for.  Yesterday, after getting up at the crack of dawn (literally) so I could get the entire house full of puppies and babies ready to bring Leroy in for his last post surgical vet visit we came home and Liam passed out… apparently he doesn’t appreciate being woken up early.  I was bouncing from the massive amounts of caffeine I had sucked down so I decided to clean out the basement.  You know, on a whim, because it seemed like the thing to do.  While I was down there I found a brand new set of queen sized sheets and this blanket that I did not know we had.  Both items were on the household shopping list, but I had yet to make it out to purchase them.  i feel like I just saved $50… which is awesome… do you know how much Starbucks that buys?

Well, that is it for this week for me..  What are you thankful for today?

Day 5

Day 5 of the selfie project: 365 Days of Momma

Today started extra early, and as you can see I was not too pleased about it.  Top that off with not being able to find my other shoe (and being incapable of looking for it pre-coffee) it should have been a lousy morning, but it went surprisingly well after that small initial hang-up.

 Leroy, the oldest puppy-brother who recently had surgery, had his final checkup today (at 8am… pure torture) and finally got a clean bill of health!

Momma is thrilled... Leroy just wants a munchkin.

Momma is thrilled… Leroy just wants a munchkin.




Day 2

Day 2 of the selfie project: 365 Days of Momma

This morning Liam wanted nothing to do with snuggles. He was far to busy playing steal the blanket from our oldest dog while madly giggling. So I thought I would take a few minutes by myself on the couch with my morning coffee…


Unfortunately that was quickly interrupted by the youngest dog who has an anxiety problem….


Three Things Thursday, 5/22/14

Three Things Thursday is an exercise in gratitude that began over on Nerd In The Brain, another awesome blog.  Every Thursday I highlight three things from the week that I am grateful and/or made me happy.  It is a highlight of those little extra things in life that you don’t always have time to stop and enjoy.  A celebration of life’s gravy.  Feel free to steal this idea for yourself as well 🙂


My first thing this week is Lilacs

I love the smell of Lilacs.  It is the smell of spring here in New Hampshire (Fun Fact: They are also the state flower).  These pictures are from the trees in our yard and neighborhood (One of my elderly neighbors up the street has AMAZING gardens that I am seriously jealous of).

Next up is

Mornings on the deck with Liam and the puppy brothers.  Now that the weather is a little bit nicer we have been going out to play every day.  Liam and I check on and water the flowers, Leroy suns himself, and Fenway and The Bruise get some running time in with their balls (I totally consider throwing the balls to be my arm workout for the day).  Oh yeah, and I get to sip my coffee in the sun.  Life is good.


Last up is this awesome hat:

The first thing Liam saw when we came downstairs this morning Liam immediately noticed the hat on the dog and took it off so he could wear it at breakfast (after breakfast it was then discarded to the floor because it was time to play, it is a breakfast hat not a playing hat).

photo (2)

Poor Stuffed Doggy 😦

A Morning…

Every morning brings a different story at our house. With three dogs and a toddler the needs start immediately upon rising. Occasionally I am lucky and get to stretch before bouncing (stiffly flinging myself over the side of the bed and hoping to land on my feet) out of bed. Then it’s off to the races, addressing everyone’s needs for potty time and food before my own. Hoping to have time to hit the start button on the Keurig for my first precious hit of caffeine of the day.
Today started out a little different than most, but first everyone needs a little backstory.
Yesterday I brought both toddlers to the vet with me to pick up the oldest puppy brother, Leroy. Leroy has a encountered a few problems as he is beginning to enter into his geriatric years (he prefers the phrase “mature”). One of these problems is hopefully resolved now thanks to a (typically) fairly simple surgery. He has had chronic abscesses of his anal glands for a little over a month now that have not responded to antibiotic therapy. So we made the decision to have them removed. I am so happy we did this, in the long run he will be more comfortable. For now however…

Cone of shame.

Leroy has a drain in one side of his bottom because the abscess was so bad it ate away most of the tissue of the gland. He also had some polyps in that side. So, not only does Leroy have to wear the cone of shame, but he is also a furniture free pup for the next few days. At least in theory.

So this morning the pups and I woke up early because the hubs had to go to work early. No big deal, it happens occasionally and I just convince the dogs to come cuddle up in bed so they don’t wake up Liam. Once Liam is up the whole house is up. One toddler to rule them all. This morning was a little different. Leroy wasn’t allowed into the bed. So when he whined to get me to push over so he could climb up I got out of bed, fixed up his dog bed really nicely (he prefers several dog beds stacked on top of each other) and called him over. He took one look at the bed and hopped up into mine instead. Sigh. I could see the drainage on the white blanket already and visions of endless loads of laundry floated through my head. But he was already there, so I let him stay, gingerly wrapped up his butt in the already ruined comforter, and gave him the cuddle he so desperately wanted. As my husband says, the dogs all take advantage of me because they know they can, or “they know a sucker when they see one”.

I actually managed another half an hour snooze at this time before Liam woke up, a little early but not off schedule, and oddly screaming. Liam usually wakes up in a great mood and even will sometimes play with his stuffed animals for a half an hour allowing the pups and I more cuddle time (and time to spy on how very cute he is playing with his babies through the baby spy cam… Yes, it Might be a little creepy). So I went in to get him and he immediately lit up into a smile the moment he saw me. I breathed a little (short lived) sigh of relief. No big deal, he just wanted Momma. Then I picked him up and realized how very wrong I was. It was a big deal. A poop all up his back kind of big deal. A second load of laundry and a baby bath to boot.
So I juggled the toddler and the pups through a well choreographed dance of poop cleanup, potty-ing, and breakfast. Somehow manage to start the first load of laundry. And am now finally sipping at my first cup of coffee while Liam plays with a “bahlll” at my feet.

It’s a good thing they are all so cute.

20140516-095739.jpg 20140516-095747.jpg 20140516-095753.jpg