27 weeks and counting!

We have hit the 27 week mark and celebrated the last week of the second trimester with a big appointment at the OB office, complete with a follow-up ultrasound.  I have spent the last week in frequent contact with my OB office and on frequent bed rest due to a headache that wouldn’t go away, blurred vision, and high blood pressures.  All of these are unfortunately signs of preeclampsia.  Preeclampsia is a dangerous condition that can affect 5-8% of pregnancies, but that typically starts later in the third trimester (Preeclampsia Foundation).  For me to be having signs of this condition this early into the pregnancy was scary to say the least.  Thankfully my blood pressure has been staying down with bed rest.  Unfortunately Tylenol has not been effective for the headaches or blurred vision for me and I stopped taking it after a few days due to the ineffectiveness and some right upper quadrant abdominal pain (which can indicate liver problems).    So I ventured into this appointment with my Mom at my side (my husband was unable to take the day off of work) with a bit of trepidation.

First up was the ultrasound.  Catriona is a bit of a mover and a shaker so it created a challenge for picture-taking, but everything look great.  The fluid levels were good, the placenta is healthy, her head is down and she is ready to roll and the best news of all is that the membranes fused!  Although there are still some (slight) risks for early delivery that go along with a late fusion we are now talking a week or two early as opposed to months early which technically means we have an excellent chance for a full term (after 37 weeks) healthy and happy baby.  Now lets just hope that she doesn’t come on Liam’s birthday!  Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers for the last few months that we would get our miracle, they certainly helped to get us through this stressful time.  We feel so lucky to have this great news to share and to see how healthy our little girl is now that my body has decided to behave properly!

Next up was the visit with the nurse midwife and the OB.  It was a tag team visit due to the high blood pressures today, that ended up with a trip to the hospital.  While we have an excellent health care system up here in the Northeast, and some of the best prenatal care in the country, it is still very concerning to have more than a week of high blood pressures and headaches, so it was off to the hospital for me to test for preeclampsia ( a set of tests that includes a urine collection, liver function panel, creatinine, and CBC), and calling out of work for at least the next week until my next OB visit.  The midwife and OB were hopeful that the headaches, blurred vision, and high blood pressures (because they were not critically high and were only pre-hypertensive) could be due to a migraine headache caused by increased estrogen levels rather than preeclampsia because it was so early in the pregnancy.  After a couple of hours in the hospital, and a couple of blood draws we had our second round of good news for the day, no preeclampsia!  I am now on migraine medication and monitoring side effects, but my blood pressure is almost back to normal and right now I am pain free for the first time in 8 days (though a bit foggy and tired from the medication).



For me the best part of the day was being able to make it home in time to tuck my little guy into bed.  He loved seeing the new pictures of his sister and was so happy to get some extra Momma snuggles tonight!

Conan and I are thrilled with the news, and are very hopeful that after the next week life will get back to as close to normal as we can!  Thank you again to everyone for the thoughts and prayers!  Lets hope the remainder of the pregnancy is now stress free!


*****Preeclampsia is a pretty scary and potentially life threatening condition that affects 5-8% of pregnancies in the United States and accounts for approximately 18% of maternal deaths in this country.  To educate yourself more on this condition please visit which provides excellent resources in learning the signs and symptoms of preeclampsia.  Also keep in mind that while giving birth does solve the problems caused by preeclampsia for your infant it does not always solve the problems caused by it for mothers.  Be aware and educate yourself on the potential post birth problems that can occur for mothers who experience this condition.*****

Preeclampsia Foundation. (n.d.). Preeclampsia Foundation. Retrieved February 19, 2015, from Preeclampsia Fact Sheet :


Three Things Thursday, 7/10/14


Three Things Thursday is an exercise in gratitude that began over on Nerd In The Brain, another awesome blog.  Every Thursday I highlight three things from the week that I am grateful and/or made me happy.  It is a highlight of those little extra things in life that you don’t always have time to stop and enjoy.  A celebration of life’s gravy.  Feel free to steal this idea for yourself as well 🙂

This week I am thankful for


1. Unexpected nostalgia

20140709-233724-85044199.jpgA long time ago, in a town (not that) far away I was an emotionally turbulent high school student.  Back in those days I went through a lot of stages… thanks to an incredibly vibrant local music scene and a personal passion for music (band geek) most of those stages were based on what I perceived a fan of certain types of music should look and/or act like.  I recall the period I spent having a love affair with Tori Amos to be exceptionally angst-y… and yet when this song came on the radio (yes, I STILL listen to the radio) I turned it up and sang along.  I have such fond memories of hanging out with my friends and listening to Tori and being so excited when this CD came out.


2. Quiet moments on my back deck after Liam goes to bed


Yes, I adore my son.  But there are times when I just like to take five minutes to myself, and this is where I usually do it…. except never by myself really because the puppy brothers always tag along.  I love our back yard.  It is big, usually quiet(ish), and so peaceful.  I am a neighborhood type of girl, so I really don’t mind a little bit of noise.  I like having neighbors, and I am fond of the older gentleman who lives in the little ranch behind us and the conversations we have over the back fence.  I would be even fonder of him if the fence were higher, not see through, I only ever saw his eyes, and he was always there to spout words of wisdom when I need them.

3. Farmer’s Market Splurging

20140709-233717-85037802.jpgYes, I went to the Farmer’s Market to get fruits, vegetables, berries, eggs, and whole milk yogurt… and then I saw the sunflowers.  Most of the time if I splurge on myself its an extra Starbucks coffee for the week, yesterday I decided to bring a little sunshine into my home.  I had planted sunflowers in the front yard this spring, but some animal (probably a skunk) decided to knock them all over and eat the heads off…. now I have headless sunflowers in the yard… they aren’t all that pretty.  Liam thought the flowers were a fantastic idea when I brought them home, so I let him explore them for a bit before putting them in the vase.  I think they held up pretty well to his handling.


What are you thankful for this week?


Three Things Thursday, 6/26/14

Three Things Thursday is an exercise in gratitude that began over on Nerd In The Brain, another awesome blog.  Every Thursday I highlight three things from the week that I am grateful and/or made me happy.  It is a highlight of those little extra things in life that you don’t always have time to stop and enjoy.  A celebration of life’s gravy.  Feel free to steal this idea for yourself as well 🙂

This week I am thankful for…

A beautiful surprise sunset on my way out of the grocery store.

Djodji’s cookies… Especially when they are a surprise that someone snuck into my bag. Djodji seriously makes the best cookies ever.

My Liam reading his book upside down while I make breakfast for him and the puppy brothers. His love of reading makes me so happy!

What are you thankful for this week?

Three Things Thursday, 6/12/14

Three Things Thursday is an exercise in gratitude that began over on Nerd In The Brain, another awesome blog.  Every Thursday I highlight three things from the week that I am grateful and/or made me happy.  It is a highlight of those little extra things in life that you don’t always have time to stop and enjoy.  A celebration of life’s gravy.  Feel free to steal this idea for yourself as well 🙂

Oh this week… this super busy week… I am goig to have to keep it short and simple.

1. This woman:

Aunty and a bunny... what does a rabbit say?

Aunty Moonshine, Liam, and a bunny… what does a rabbit say?

Aunty Moonshine, my partner in mommy-hood. My husband’s sister who lives down the street from is. The Beanster’s Momma.

We went on a childless adventure together this week and had an absolute blast. I can’t imagine having as much fun doing a 20’s themed photo shoot with anyone else. She cracks me up on an almost daily basis and I couldn’t swing the whole student, full time nurse, full time Momma gig without her.

2.  A little bit of beauty growing in my in-laws field on their farm.

Wildflower Beauty

Wildflower Beauty

3. Girls night out for pedicures and burgers (and beer!) with the bestie…

And now I will be rocking purple toenails for the next few weeks!

That is it for me for this week! What are you grateful for?

Three Things Thursday, 4/17/14

Ahhh, it is Thursday once again, and once again its time for a short list of things I am grateful for and/or that make me happy.


First up is this picture of Lake Winnipesaukee

Lake Winnipesaukee

Lake Winnipesaukee

First off I would like to give credit to my 4th grade teacher for ingraining the spelling of Winnipesaukee (and many other ridiculously hard to spell NH locations, like Kancamagus, into my brain).

I am lucky enough to live in a wonderful location on the Seacoast of NH, and thoroughly appreciate the fact that the White Mountains and Lakes Region of this state (which are gorgeous) are only an hour or so away from us.  My long drive on Tuesday reminded me of how close summer is… I can’t wait to go hiking this year with my fancy new camera and inquisitive little boy 🙂

The next thing on my list is a song….


I seriously love this song, and so do the kids. It comes on and I am instantly happy, plus we then get to have a dance party which is always fun .

Last up….


This not so great picture of my son reading to himself in the corner . He grabbed a book, crawled away, and started reading out loud… Cutest thing ever… And I have no clue where he gets the hiding in corners to read habit from (cough* cough*)
I do absolutely love the fact that he can’t get enough of books already. Now if only he wouldn’t run away when I try to take a picture of him reading while yelling at me in baby-lish. I suspect the translation is “Leave me alone mom, I need my quite time to read this book. It’s about dinosaurs. Jeez. What’s a baby got to do to get a little peace and quiet around here?!?”


That’s it for me for this week…. Like Three Things Thursday?  Want to see MORE things??? head on over to Nerd In The Brain, the originator of the Three Things Thursday idea 🙂

Three Things Thursday

One of my favorite blogs, Nerd In The Brain, does this every Thursday and I absolutely love the idea.  It is sort of the lines of 100 days of Happy that people are doing on Pintrest.

In a nutshell 3 things Thursday is a small collection of photographs of things that you are grateful for.  Not the obvious things… like the hubs. kids, and pups… but the little things.  The frosting of life.

Here are my 3 things for this Thursday


This picture is not just about coffee, which I am more than grateful for… Some could say dependent. This is about the mug. I have two I these mugs that my mom bought for me. They are my favorites. Not only do they hold 12 ounces of liquid gold, but they are also sturdy and thick. The perfect cup to drink out of… And as an added bonus they make me think of my mom, who is pretty awesome.


This owl. My husband thinks it’s ridiculous. I think he actually rolled his eyes when I brought it home. It’s my favorite knick-knack… Who doesn’t need an owl with a snail on its head in their house?


Yes bottles…. While I am grateful or the Doc Brown bottles and how well they work I am most grateful for the fact that my husband cleaned them! Cleaning bottles has become the least favorite chore in our house since Liam’s arrival.