lil folk farm

A Day At The Petting Zoo

Today I got up so early (at the crack of dawn) that I actually was able to wake Liam up for the day… which brought me so much joy that I was able to overlook the fact that I was running on 3 very broken hours of sleep and a ton of coffee.

We had a day trip planned with Aunty Moonshine and The Bean to go and hang out with some older toddler cousins for a (late) Birthday Party at a petting zoo.  I figured this trip could go one of two ways… absolutely a disaster as we were traveling off schedule for both kids and it is a two hour trip each way, or absolutely wonderfully.  Thankfully it went wonderfully.

After a two hour trip filled with Liam and The Bean having a raspberry blowing contest in the backseat and having a full blown conversation in their own language we arrived.  Now I have not personally been to a petting zoo myself since I was a child, so I really had no clue what to expect, but I was impressed by the Lil Folk Farm in Holliston, MA.  It was a breezy and rainy day and the festivities were all held indoors in a small barn.  Overall it was an excellent experience.


Some random pictures of the terrible twosome:

The adventures of Liam and the goats (his favorite!)

There were other animals too, but they weren’t half as exciting 🙂