Adventures in Diaper Cream (take 2)

In the interest of saving my sanity (and personal space) I have been working on having the two toddlers nap in the same room for the last few weeks.  It had been going pretty well.  They usually play for a half an hour or so, read each other books, and when I  creepily tell them (through the monitor I am spying on them with) to turn off the lights and go to bed they listen.  I do wonder what they think is happening when all the sudden my voice comes out of nowhere and I apparently can see everything they are doing.

Today something different happened.  I put the kids down and they both yelled they needed to “go potty” 5 minutes later.  Since we are encouraging potty training I went upstairs and brought them to the potty.  One adult size poop (thankfully in the toilet!) from one child and pee from the other one and then they were back to bed… And immediately into the toys when I shut the door.  I went downstairs with my monitor for some toddler TV, but then Catriona woke up and needed my attention.  During that brief 5 minute period when I was taking care of Catriona the terrible twosome opened up a dresser drawer and found a forgotten tube of diaper cream from when they were babies.  I got Catriona settled and then tuned back into toddler watching.  Liam was sitting on the bed talking to The Bean.  He appeared to be rubbing his belly which I though was a little odd, but the video was too grainy to see exactly what he was doing so I zoomed in.  That’s when I saw it… There was a tube in his hand.  I ran up the stairs with agility I did not know I still had and found Liam covered from head to toe in diaper cream.  The nice thick white stuff with lots of zinc in it that barely comes off a babies bottom when you wash it. It was in his hair, on his arms, nicely coating his stomach and (Thank God) not anywhere near his mouth or eyes.  The Bean had one little dollop on her dress, but otherwise was clean.  

I grabbed Liam and the tube and rushed downstairs.  My husband, who was lounging on the couch having recently returned home from the store, took one look at him and helped me get him stripped and in the tub.  He washed the diaper cream off of Liams body with soap and a wash cloth while I stripped The Bean and took a baby wipe to clean off the minuscule (in comparison) spot on her arm.  Liam started screaming.  There is nothing the child hates in the world more than getting his hair washed and daddy was trying to really scrub out the diaper cream.  We tried every shampoo, conditioner, and Internet remedy I could quickly find that we had supplies for in the house (which mostly centered around vinegar and lemon juice as we did not have any Dawn soap).  Nothing worked.  We just ended up making dread locks with his hair from all the scrubbing.  So my husband hopped into his sandals and drove down to the nearest store to pick up a razor to cut his hair with.  Once he returned we gave Liam his first buzz cut.  He loves it.  I want to cry for the loss of his hair.  He now has less hair than what he was born with.    

  They never did get their nap, but I got a whole extra load of laundry to do (thanks kids)!


On the plus side we won’t have to scrub his hair for a while… I am sure Liam will love that. 

Silly Reader

After a busy morning of breakfast, wrestling Liam into clothes, and some play time Liam decided he wanted some alone time to play by himself. This is my favorite part of every morning… It’s Momma’s coffee time 🙂

So today we were upstairs in his bedroom when Liam ditched me for his books. After (not so) carefully removing (almost all of) them from his bookshelf he then crawled away without reading one. Intrigued, I set up my camera and set to inconspicuously stalking him (poor kid).

Liam left the books behind and toddled over to his dresser, after opening it up and throwing all of his socks on the floor (I think he hates a clean room) he pulls out the instructions to the humidifier which were tucked in the back of the dresser. He then proceed to head over to soft carpet and then “read” them out loud to me.


At least one of us reads instructions.

And now for a bonus picture from playtime earlier 🙂


Someone has been very chatty today!

A Public Service Announcement

Today’s adventures were brought to you by the letter D for disaster.

In the left corner we have princess Monster Hat, in the right is captain Bumblebee… Together they form a team unsurpassed by any other in wreaking havoc and creating a disaster area in living rooms across the country!

20140430-170531.jpg 20140430-170541.jpg 20140430-170549.jpg

Theses villains will stop for only one thing… Snack time.


So make sure you keep plenty of puffs and veggi bites on hand. Save your living room from impending doom today. It is too late for mine.

This public service announcement was brought to you by a momma who may have lost her mind (extra short nap times thanks to the painters next door).