Adventures in A&D

As a geriatric nurse I have had the opportunity to try out a large number of different products to treat incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD) over the years…. Yes even diaper rash has a fancy name in medicine! Because I have tried pretty much everything out there, I knew when I was pregnant with Liam that for most rash issues I would most often choose to use A&D ointment rather than a thicker cream.  I love the smell of A&D.  Since I also knew that there were going to be two babies in my life I purchased the economy size tub of A&D ointment at Target rather than the smaller tube.  This tub has now been going strong for 16 months with no signs of stopping.



The other day I was home with Liam and The Bean and it was a gorgeous spring day outside… the kind of day that makes you want to go dig in the dirt.  So I plotted.  How was I going to get my gardening fix while keeping a close eye on a toddler and an almost toddler?  Then I had a brilliant idea! I had ordered a gate to mount to the top of the deck stairs so the kiddos could go out on the deck and play with the intention of setting up a water table and kiddie pool (its a big deck) when it was a little warmer outside.  I would just quickly install that and then I could play with some potted plants while the kids honed their walking skills on a nice even surface.  How hard could it be? Still high with the success of my Target trip with the terrible two-some the other day I figured I could conquer any challenge.

SO my five minute install of the gate turned into ten.  One child stuck with me the entire time… the other wandered back into the house and I could hear him playing.  because I encourage independence I did not go and check on him immediately.  When I did poke my head in five minutes later it was to see Liam, with the tub of A&D on the ottoman opened, on hand in the jar, and A&D artfully spread over the entire surface of the ottoman.  The Hubs chose that exact moment to walk in, coming home from work (thankfully), so I had some help with the clean up.  Now one of the main ingredients of A&D ointment is mineral oil… which stains in a manner that just doesn’t come out.  SO….. another outfit ruined.  I also had a moment of stress when I realized that he could have consumed it (which can cause frequent loose stools, potentially causing a severe dehydration), but there was none on his face, and certainly none around his mouth, though he did get a little in his hair (and it works better than hair gel and conditions besides).

Amazingly there is still half a tub left of the ointment….. sadly (because of the timing of The Hubs coming home) I did not stop and get pictures. Two days later I can now stop and laugh about it… obviously the conditioning of the leather on the ottoman by the A&D did not help the scratches any.  I suppose the lesson learned is don’t leave the A&D out.


20140411-094655.jpg 20140411-094702.jpg

The little rascal gets into everything.