Three things Thursday, 4/24/14

A weekly exercise in gratitude that originated on Nerd In The Brain

This Thursday I am going to include a ton of pictures for my 3 things.

First up is my messy living room.



Over the last (almost year) of Liam’s life I have learned to appreciate a mess well made. This mess is the aftermath of last night’a dance party… Don’t ask how the beads ended up hanging from the wall art…
I also am thrilled that this is housekeeping Thursday and when I get home from work at 2am the mess will magically have disappeared. As I told Lisa, our cleaning angel, she is the reason that I stay sane despite my overfull plate.


Number 2 is mustache magnets purchased from Target. Babies with mustaches make my heart happy.


Lastly is my husbands first baby, Leroy, and the awesome vets over at Broadview Animal Hospital. We thought old man Leroy had reached the end of his long life this last weekend when he suddenly became very ill, but the folks at Broadview found a pretty bad double infection instead of something worse. After a week of antibiotics he is bouncing around like a middle age dog again… You can’t put a price on that kind of amazingness.

That is it for this week, I apologize for being unable to upload the fully edited and linked version yesterday… it was just one of those days.