Pasta Night, toddler style

Pasta night with a toddler (or two) in the house means many things in our house :

1. Fun shaped easy to pick up noodles.
2. More sauce for me!
3. Painting smoks turned into bibs.
4. More sauce for me!
5. A giant delicious mess.

Obviously pasta night is a house (momma) favorite 🙂

Here is our (current) favorite fast (jacked up jarred sauce) pasta night recipe… We do have a non-jarred sauce favorite too, but that is a (longer) story for a different day.

1lb. Ground Beef, browned
2 summer squash sliced into toddler appropriate thickness steamed
1 jar of Newman’s Organic Tomato and Basil sauce
1 can of diced tomatoes in juice (do not drain)
2 tbsp of tomato paste

All of the ingredients are simmered together for 20 minutes. The pasta shape that we used this week (which was a hit with both toddlers) was rotini. We boiled it up per the directions on the package (10 minutes) sans salt or oil, and then dumped it int the sauce.

This is one of the easiest meals ever, and on my short list of favorites, even with the pimped out jarred sauce.

20140515-200851.jpg 20140515-200941.jpg

The best part of all? Liam doesn’t love a super saucy noodle, which means more sauce for Momma! He does, however, love the sliced up summer squash, and actually will eat a little beef too which makes me happy as he usually passes on meats (too chewy).