Pork Sirloin Steak with Quinoa and Brown Rice

Tonight’s meal was a bit of an adventure for the little toddler mouths in our household. It was Liam and The Bean’s first experience with pork and quinoa. I was wandering through the grocery store earlier in the week with the toddlers in the front car section of the cart happily playing with the steering wheels and horns while making “vroom” noises when I stumbled upon a package of pork sirloin steak. I thought to myself, this could be interesting and tossed it into the cart. It was something new to try my hand at cooking… An adventure in the kitchen.
After I brought my prize home I spent the toddler nap-time perusing recipes online. There really were not a lot to choose from. The one I decided to go with was from Allrecipes.com… I made a few modifications though as I was missing a few ingredients.  Instead of using green onions I used a sweet onion, and instead of garlic cloves I used 1 tsp of garlic powder.  The result was this:



This turned out absolutely delicious.  I served it the pork with an organic  brown rice and quinoa packet from the natural food section of my local grocery store and steamed broccoli.  The sauce that this creates is absolutely delicious (for obvious reasons…  butter!) so I spooned a teaspoon or so over the servings of rice.   My husband and the toddlers all loved it (I totally judge how much of a hit the meal is with the amount of “mores” I receive from the toddlers).  It was so good that Liam and the hubs even enjoyed it as leftovers.  It’s safe to say that this meal is going to make it into the month repertoire.