Strawberry Fun

One of Liam’s Valentine’s Day presents this year was a strawberry seed planting kit.  He was super excited about it and pretty much demanded that we plant them right away.  He just loves digging in the dirt, and actually has a pretty steady hand so there isn’t usually too much of a mess for me to clean up afterwards.  This was definitely a group activity though.  Strawberry seeds are far too small for a 22 month old to be able to actually plant (and not lose).  So Liam put the dirt in his can, and then he held my hands as we carefully put the seeds in and he sprinkled the seed covering on himself. Today, after a couple of weeks of careful watering, we woke up to little green shoots starting to come up.  Liam was very excited!  We are both looking forward to watching the plants grow, especially since it makes it feel like spring might actually come someday when the snow outside is STILL higher than our fence!

Day 27

Day 27 of the selfie challenge

Today was the final day of my IV class. The certification is complete just in time for my next semester of school to begin. The plus side is no more long commutes!
After class Liam, The Bean, the hubs and I all went and celebrated a birthday dinner with my grandma at her house. It was an awesome little gathering, and was extra special this year because my step mother, sister, and baby brother were all up to visit from Florida with a couple of my (adorable) nephews. We all had a blast and now I am home exhausted and putting my feet up for a few minutes before the bedtime routine begins!

20140626-192951-70191406.jpg 20140626-192955-70195200.jpg

Day 26

Day 26 of the selfie challenge

I just love days when I get a ton accomplished AND get to spend a bunch of quality time with the kiddos. Today was one of those days. We had leftovers for dinner which meant virtually no time in the kitchen for me tonight. Between the two (apparently starving) toddlers, the hubs, and myself we almost managed to clean all of then out of the fridge. The kids just love my chicken in wine sauce (I suspect it’s the mashed potatoes I serve it with and the tenderness of the meat).


The giant smile on my face is because as I was cleaning up the kitchen tonight I could hear the kids and the hubs in the living room making music…


So of course I snuck in to take a picture 🙂
The poor pups suffered through the calamity.