15 months later…

I can’t believe how the time has flown, Liam is 15 months already! It has been so exciting to watch him play, grow, and learn these last few months. Everything happens so fast at this point, it’s like a neural explosion. Over the last 3 months Liam has:

  • Gone from stumbling to run-stumbling
  • Learned to say over 25 words, although he mostly refers to animals by the sounds they make, except our youngest dog, Bruise, who he calls Rooze.
  • Learned how to walk backwards and spin in a circle
  • Begun helping Conan and I with simple tasks (carrying light things mostly)

His favorite things right now are:

  • Reading… By himself, to the bear, to Conan and I… This little boy loves to be the one reading the story.
  • His big white bear, “Baby”… When Liam was born Conan’s company sent us a present, a giant white polar bear which I never named because I figured it would be too big to drag around. Liam has proven me wrong and he has named it “Baby”. The other stuffed animals are babies too, but there is only one Baby and he goes everywhere with Liam.
  • Yogurt, cereal bars, and berries
  • Going to the park
  • The tub, this little guy loves his baths (and his bath toys)

He has had a lot of adventures over the last three months, including:

  • His first sleepovers with Grammy and Grampy F.
  • His second annual Flynnstock with Conan
  • His first trip to the beach!

While I have tried (desperately sometimes) to be there for every single event it just hasn’t been possible and sometimes Conan and Liam are a two man team while I am at home with the puppy brothers doing homework or at work.  We do our best with the time we have and try to make every moment count.

Today the three of us went out to lunch to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants and then to the park for some quality time (and to exhaust Liam before his nap).  It was suppose to rain all day today so it was a pleasant surprise to be able to get out and about.  My park plan however backfired as it was not just Liam that needed the nap when we got home 😉

And now a parting message from Liam himself and a few more of my favorite pictures from the last few months….

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I can’t wait to see what the next three months brings!

Three Things Thursday, 5/1/14, All About Liam

Three Things Thursday is an exercise in gratitude originating over at Nerd In The Brain (another awesome blog).

This week I am going to shake things up a bit, instead of three things we are going to get three aspects of one thing… Liam.  One year ago today after a long labor we finally got to meet our Liam.  This week we are going to celebrate his life and I will list three things that I am grateful for about Liam.

Yes, that’s right, we now officially have a toddler!  This week a year ago I was stuck at 3cm for a week straight before finally getting to meet our Liam for the first time.

He was 7 lbs 15 ounces with a full head of hair… the only baby I have ever personally known to have a faux-hawk within hours of birth. My husband and I were over joyed.





He was so tiny! When he was a newborn he fit so nicely in the crook of my arm, now he spills out over the edge of my lap. It’s been a pretty busy year of development and our big guy is now walking and saying a handful of words. After a year of sleeping in 2-4 hour stretches I am now starting to enjoy 5-8 hour stretches of sleep instead. (You really don’t appreciate the value of a good nights sleep until you experience the joys of parenthood.)


The first thing is his smile and sense of humor (yes I know that is really two things).

I like to take baby selfies at 6:30 am

I like to take baby selfies at 6:30 am

Liam is one of those people who when he smiles it goes all the way to his eyes.  He really can light up a room, and his little laugh is infectious.  He also has a wicked sense of humor.  He loves it when you chase after him, and will wait for you to catch up and “almost” get him before taking off again.


The next thing I am thankful for is his curiosity.




Last of all I am thankful for his determination… though I am sure I will call it stubbornness and be cranky about it when he is older.

Liam is determined to do everything himself and keep up with his big cousins (M and the Bean) who are 5 months older than him.  This peppered with a nice amount of curiosity certainly keep my husband and I on our toes!  It is so much fun to watch him learn!


As a closer this is what Liam and I were doing at 5:35 this morning, the moment he turned one…. my great sleeper unfortunately had a rough night of teething last night 😦