Day 29

Day 29 of the selfie challenge

Today I spent the morning gathering together the massive amount of mail that I needed to send before heading out to the post office to mail one package and a bunch of cards. Though I had two books of stamps on hand I was still short a few. Now I am hanging out at home enjoying my guys before work… Someday I will not have to work weekends, and it will be lovely! One more year of school to go before I have finished all of the degrees I set out to attain!


Day 21

Day 21 of the selfie challenge: 365 Days of Momma
Today is a work day ūüė¶ not that it has been an exceptionally hard week and I do really love my job! It just has been so nice being on a “normal” schedule. A schedule where I am gone during the day time and home for dinner with my family every night. Another year of school and hopefully I can have that 9-5 Monday through Friday dream job!
The selfie today is a quick snap shot as Liam and I share lunch this afternoon before I head out to work!

We have a packed weekend planned! With family coming to visit and a trip to the Somersworth International Children’s Festival planned so let’s hope for a good night at work with no one becoming exceptionally ill so I can get some sleep before the weekend begins!
If not let’s hope for lots and lots of coffee.

The Power of Hugs

I am not a hugger by nature, but I am one by design and these are a few reasons why:

  • Hugs or other tactile contact between individuals has been proven to be essential to a person’s well being from the moment they are born.¬† A simple hug that lasts at least 3 seconds can change the course of someone’s day by providing them with comfort and a short mental recharge.
  • There are multiple studies out there showing that elderly individuals can benefit significantly from “touch therapy” including: hugs, massage, hand holding, shoulder holding, and pet therapy.¬† The multitude of benefits from a simple touch in the elderly¬†include everything from a decrease in rates of depression and pain, to increases in functional ability (especially in arthritic patients), and overall increases in life satisfaction.
  • Hugs help build relationships and¬†promotes healing.¬† Used in the clinical setting¬†they can provide patients with additional mental¬†resources to use in combating their illnesses.¬† The absence of touch has actually been shown to negatively influence a person’s mental status over time causing them to be withdrawn and less likely to heal.
  • Hugging is a two way street.¬† Sure the person you are hugging is reaping tons of benefits from the hug, but you are getting your own little mental boost as well.
The best part of my day

The best part of my day

So go out and hug someone who is receptive to a hug…. especially your Grandparents.¬† If they aren’t huggers try a shoulder pat or a hand hold.¬† The power of touch is immense and it will not only¬†benefit the person being touched but also the person doing the touching ūüôā

Interested in reading more, in depth research on the importance and power of a hug?  Check out these awesome journal articles:

Providing Wholistic Health Care for the Elderly; by: Pamela A Shuler, Roxana Huebscher, and Judith Hallock; in the Journal of The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners


The Touch That Heals; by: Drew Leder, and Mitchell W Krucoff; in The Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine

A Long Journey In Nursing Part 2, The Love/Hate Relationship

So as I mentioned before I currently have a love/hate relationship with my job. I think this is something that every mom who chooses to go back to work can relate to. I love going to work. I love my job. Practicing the art of nursing is vital to my overall happiness and well being. I hate leaving my son….
I know! I can’t have it both ways, and it really doesn’t make any sense to love going to work but hate leaving my son, but that is how it is. Every day that I pack up my lunch and head out the door I do so with a sense of anticipation regarding what that evening will bring at work. One of the joys of nursing is that no two nights are ever the same. Nursing is certainly not a dull career; it’s a career for those with a sense of adventure. There I also a little part of me that is just happy to be heading out the door to spend some time with adults.
Now don’t get me wrong, I cherish every little moment Liam and I have together. Every dance party, music party, play time party (we like to party), and snuggle-fest are part of those little moments I like to try and capture to carry with me. I fully realize that he is only going to be 9 months old once, and I don’t want to miss anything. I hate to leave him for fear that I will miss that “first” that I so desperately want to be there for.
I also know that if I need to go to work to take on the challenges it provides: advocating for my patients, catching that patient’s start of urosepsis before it gets too bad, educating my staff, building relationships within the nursing team, and a million other little things that help make life better for those that are entrusted to my care. If I didn’t my personal view of myself would change in a negative way. I don’t feel like I could be as good of a mom to Liam and wife to my husband without meeting the challenge of balancing a career and a family.
So what does that say about me that part of my sense of self worth is based on a title that I hold and a job that I perform?
Honestly , I am really not sure. Part of me feels like it’s ok, I have worked really hard (and paid a lot of money) to earn these degrees with the intention that I would use them. I continue to work hard to further my education and career because my parents taught me the value of hard work, and to enjoy the satisfaction that performing a difficult task provides. I firmly believe that the harder you have to work for something the more enjoyment it will bring in the long run (and the more appreciative you will be for it). I hope that the example I set for my son as a working mom by choice will be a good one and will encourage him to have similar ambitions and drive. At the same time I worry that by not staying at home to satisfy my need to work I will somehow miss something that he needs to grow into a productive and responsible adult.
Only time will tell…


A Long Journey In Nursing

Ahh the JOB. I have a love/hate relationship with it right now, but first a little history.
I graduated from nursing school in 2005 and knew immediately after graduation that I was going to go back for additional degrees. After many long semesters of school the one thing I found most intriguing about nursing was the thought that I could teach it some day. Instead of going back to school full time I opted for part time so I could gain experience in the field while advancing my degree.
The nicest part, and also the most torturous part, of nursing school were the clinicals. On one hand they gave you first hand experience and semester long glimpses into some of the many different worlds of nursing that are out there. On the other hand the care plans were torture… Although apparently not for everyone, I actually met a nurse the other day who said she loved care planning. I told her she should consider going into MDS. I knew when I graduated that I wanted to work in long term care. I love being able to really build relationships with the residents and I enjoy the age group. I also knew when I graduated that the last place I wanted to work was pediatrics or maternity. I hated those semesters in nursing school and to this day can not picture myself working with those populations.
For the last 9 years I have been working in long term care and skilled nursing facilities and truly have enjoyed every moment.
When my husband and I decided to have a child I planned on going back to work after, and understood it
was going to be full time. This is partly because I can’t picture myself not working full time, and the other part is for the money… Being a professional student is an expensive hobby.
Right now I am 3.5 years from my ultimate goal of a MS in nursing with a concentration in teaching. It is exciting to be this close to no longer being a student, and terrifying as well. Not being a student for the first time in a very long time just seems strange. At the same time I look forward to entering into a job that will more closely mirror Liam’s schedule when he is entering into school, while currently enjoying a job that provides me with the flexibility I need to avoid daycare costs during his infant and toddler years.


Really, who could resist that mischievous grin poking around the corner?

I love the balance I am finding in my life right now and can honestly say I have never been happier. I am truly looking forward to the next few years and the changes they will bring both to my personal and professional life. Providing quality nursing care is only one of my passions. My family, dogs, and friends are my others. While I do frequently wish I had more time, because I truly would love I spend more time at every aspect of my life, there are only 24 hours a day and I try to make the most of every one of them.

Now I suppose I should go study ūüôā