Why Walk When You Can Run?

It was just a few short weeks ago that Liam was taking his first steps and we were busy preparing for the excitement of his first Birthday party! It never ceases to amaze me how very quickly Liam and The Bean pick up on things… how fast they learn and change.  This milestone is no exception.  From a few tentative steps a few weeks ago to running across rooms full of confidence now our Liam is growing at such a fast rate I can hardly keep up.  These photos are from the other morning, Liam was chasing me back and forth across the living room/office area.

Who needs a chair?


This is what I walked back into after turning on the tv for a few minutes today so I could get ready for work without the kids killing each other (they both refused to nap this morning which is my usual get ready time). It took everything in me not to laugh, we have toddler chairs and an easily accessible couch for him to sit on, but apparently he felt the need to create his own chair 🙂

Play Time

Play time with momma and da vary quite a bit. With momma there is typically more action (dance party!), and with da usually a little more structure (look at the yellow truck!). I firmly believe that both have there place in every child’s life. Sure playtime is learning time, but sometimes you just have to let loose. Here are some various playtime pictures from this evenings time with momma and then da 🙂

20140423-193127.jpg 20140423-193133.jpg 20140423-193140.jpg 20140423-193146.jpg 20140423-193154.jpg 20140423-193201.jpg

Family Night

It was a typical Tuesday night at our house. Momma, Da, Liam, and the dogs were all hanging out playing toys when all of the sudden Momma decided a project needed to be done… The last if the Ikea furniture that had yet to be put together needed to be assembled. So Momma, Da, and Liam got to work.

Liam was an excellent assistant, hanging on to the screw driver for us. It was the first Ikea furniture project I had ever completed without losing the screwdriver at least five times. The doggies also assisted by showing us where they would like their toys to be… It’s a nice table, but so much nicer with this racquetball on it. My husband won the chair assembly race… I still say it’s because he is stronger than me and was able to screw the screws in faster.


A job well done deserves a celebratory glass of whiskey/milk.

This morning after his bottle Liam held a meeting of the minds with his scout dog at the table. I think we may have done good 🙂

20140423-081601.jpg 20140423-081608.jpg

A Sunny Spring Outing

Today Liam or to take his first trip to the playground. Since Uncle Bryan is home we brought him with us. As you can see from the photos below Liam had a blast! It is so nice that he is finally enjoying his time outdoors rather than crying every time he gets close to nature. It’s also fun to see the little guy with his Uncle Bry, who he loves hanging out with.

20140414-150235.jpg 20140414-150302.jpg 20140414-150309.jpg 20140414-150346.jpg 20140414-150412.jpg 20140414-150420.jpg

We had so much fun!