Liam’s Gardening Update

Liam and I have been working on a potted plant on the back deck this spring because I think it’s never to early to start playing with kids in the garden. It started by planting some ranunculus bulbs in late April, and was filled in today with some bacopa by my little helper and I.  Part of our morning ritual is to go out and check on the pot to see if it needs watering.  I am really looking forward to enjoying some flowers on the deck this summer…

If it ever warms up!






French Toast Sticks

It was a rainy Sunday morning and the dogs refused to let us sleep all the way in all the way to our 8am wake up call from the kiddo so I decided it was a fine morning for french toast and bacon for breakfast.  Let me just note that I do not normally “cook” breakfast.  Typically I toss some hot water on some oatmeal, add some applesauce for Liam and call it a day.  He likes it, its pretty healthy, and I don’t have to cook before consuing my first cup of coffee for the day… as far as I am concerned that makes it an all around win.  Sometimes we share a cereal bar for dessert.  Now on to the french toast.

The recipe I have created and perfected (in my humble opinion) over the years (from my childless days when brunch was my favorite meal to cook) goes like this:


1 Egg

1 TBS of Half and Half

1/4 tsp vanilla

1/4 tsp cinnamon



Keep in mind that this is from my pre-child days.  It makes enough batter to cover two pieces of bread.  Since I was serving 2 adults and a toddler this morning I simply doubled the recipe and stole some of the Hubs french toast to make Liam’s sticks with, no worries, I gave him an extra piece of bacon to make up for it.  If we had both toddlers this morning I would have tripled the recipe.  For Liam’s sticks I simply cut his single slice of french toast into strips and gave the outer two with a lot of crust back to the Hubs (it ended up making his plate look more sad than the rest… scraps for you!).  I also drizzled a little butter over Liam’s sticks (he is not allowed to have syrup), and the result was this:



Liam really wanted the big boy plate, but since I didn’t feel like picking up shards of plate off the floor for hours after he had to live with having the french toast in his hand instead.  The really exciting thing about this morning is that we let Liam try bacon for the first time.

He thought it was pretty awesome and ate about a quarter of the piece we gave him before he was “all done” which is pretty good for a child who doesn’t really like meat.